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In order to address the remarkable changes in the structure of industry and its diverse technical needs, we have prepared a system for promoting comprehensive planning coordination and strategic research and development. Together with community-based technical support capability that includes technical guidance and consultations and testing services, we aim, as a comprehensive technological support institution, to achieve a higher level of technical development capacity in the business world.

• Research and Development
We aim to achieve a higher level of technical development capacity in the business world by conducting research and development in areas that address the various technical needs of the business world, and by widely disseminating those results in the local business community.

• Testing Services
We provide testing, analysis, and evaluation services for materials and products of all kinds at the request of businesses in order to help maintain product quality and assist product development.

• Technical Consultations and Guidance
Our researchers provide consultations and guidance related to the various technical problems that arise in product development. Additionally, we can procure outside technical advisors as required.

• Sharing Technical Information
We host lectures and workshops in order to disseminate the latest technical information and results from research and development. Useful information to the technological improvement of business is posted to the Aichi Industrial Technology Institute’s website and news page.

• Nurturing Human Resources
We nurture human resources in the area of creative development in order to foster new products and technologies.