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July 1927
Aichi Mikawa Dyeing &weaving Experiment Station (Mikawa Textile Research Center) established.
Sept. 1930
Aichi Owari Dyeing &weaving Experiment Station (Owari Textile Research Center) established.
June 1941
Aichi Prefectural Tokoname Ceramic Research Center (Tokoname Ceramic Research Center) established.
Feb. 1950
Mikawa Textile Research Center's Toyohashi Laboratory established.
Mar. 1951
Technological Institute of Aichi Prefecture established.
Oct. 1954
Tokoname Ceramic Research Center's Mikawa Laboratory (Mikawa Ceramics Research Center) established.
Apr. 1956
Aichi Food Industry Experiment Station (Food Research Center) established.
Feb. 1971
Aichi Seto Ceramic Research Center established.
June 1981
Aichi Industrial Technology Center relocated.
Apr. 1994
Aichi Technology Development & Information Communication Center established.
Oct. 1996
Aichi Intellectual Property Center established.
Apr. 2002
Aichi Industrial Technology Institute established.
Jan. 2012
Aichi Center for Industry and Science Technology established.